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On a totally different subject: are your finances getting into a mess? Should you opt for an IVA?

An IVA (individual voluntary agreement) is a debt plan designed to help those who can not meet payments to creditors and are in need of urgent help.

To qualify for URI, you must owe at least 15,000 to three or more creditors, with a minimum of 200 per month disposable income that can be shared among those you owe money to pay their debts.

First, however, you might ask: What is an IVA? Introduced in 1986, individual voluntary agreements have become a popular way for people to get out of debt trap.

The agreement allows you to pay monthly financial sums for a specified period, often five years. While some creditors are not bound to accept such an arrangement, many do, because it means we can recover at least some of the money he owed them.

You can find a way to set up an IVA if you talk to a receiver, which will help you go through your budget with you and liaise with creditors. You will have to pay what you can afford each month, but subsidies will be made by living costs so that is not short.

The use of an IVA can help destroy up to 75 percent of its debt during the period it is active. In the end, usually going to be completely debt free, even if they have not got back everything you owe.

This is just one benefit IVAS can afford. Another may be that you could not be forced to sell their home - in some situations your property will be completely excluded from the stage, while in other cases, will inform remortgage.

With an IVA, your financial situation is not made public. Unlike bankruptcy, your situation will not be published in the newspapers - the agreement is almost completely private - so you can keep things to yourself if you want.

One point to consider, however, is that your credit score is likely to be affected. This, you may decide it is worth being free of debt and start repairing your tax situation.

If you are in need of help with your debts, do not delay in contacting an insolvency today and take the first step towards a better future debt free.


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